November 12, 2018
It might be a journey, but it's a journey worth believing in

Sometimes it's easier to have a dream, an idea or an inkling of inspiration for a fun new hobby than it is to act on it.. because if you start.. how do you start?

A new idea takes a little bit more thinking about but the only way you'll be able to progress it is by writing bits down. It's like a an old puzzle. How do you know if you have all of the pieces unless you start putting the corners and edges together.. then the middle starts coming together piece by piece. You don't need to have the finished picture to know it will be as it should by the end.

I've always loved drawing and writing. Two things that you may think are quite opposite sides of the spectrum but are actually connected in the way that they are both creative. Often, I have so much I feel I need to get out of my system but I can't really put it into words and I don't even think about drawing it out. When I free up some time for either I can't even get my sketchbook or laptop out.. I don't know how to put my first mark on that blank canvas.

Currently I feel in limbo. I should be doing something, something to keep me from feeling so stagnant in life. What I'm not doing is making that first effort to start. I'm thinking about it, I'm preparing for it, but I don't feel like I have anything to put out there.

Sometimes making the first step to do these fun things that you keep putting off is what can turn them into a hobby. It could become something really beautiful.

Since I was a little girl I could spend hours with sketchbooks and colouring books. I love colour, sometimes something doesn't pop like it should until you add the colour. When did I begin thinking about whether I had anything to draw?! I think when we are children we are quite happy to pick up some crayons or pencils and draw the first things that pops into our heads. There is never a right or wrong, it just is.

Why do we think of the bigger picture when we reach adulthood? Is it the many responsibilities we now have? Has embracing our inner child been beaten out of us, to get us to focus on the many tests we're told we have to excel at? Or is it that we're worried of being judged by our peers that this is the best we can do?

I had a fear of being judged about what I write when I start blogging again. Or at least I did seven paragraphs ago. It's funny that just starting something can lead you onto a merry little inspirational flow, my fingers running away from me as I type all of these new thoughts onto the page. 

Words can be powerful, jot that idea down, and please believe that keeping your fear alive has no purpose when you can get your message out there, help people, and bring yourself great joy in the process.

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