Stay focused on yourself in 2020

January 7, 2020

It's your year to flourish

It's so easy to get caught up in all of the dreams and aspirations you have for this year but don't neglect yourself. If you're an overachiever, like me, you'll tend to focus hard on what you want to change and completely blow it up until it looks the way you want.

Sometimes my focus gets big on the smallest of things

At the middle of last year my focus was put on trying to eradicate the acne I developed due to prescription medication. I spent hours researching articles, watching YouTube videos and using lots of different treatments to rid me of it.

It's one of those things that if you start to put extra focus on it, you'll see it more regularly, then it practically glows every time you look in the mirror. Typically if we're going to focus on anything about ourselves, it'll be on something we dislike and want to change, which is a shame. Can you imagine how well we'd do if we only saw the good stuff?!

I bought vitamins, changed my diet up, drank more water, started using face masks, changed my skin care routine, I even had days out of the house or to the gym without makeup on. The latter was actually really hard for me, being someone who's worn make-up absolutely everywhere since I was 16. I always felt as though people would give me horrified looks when they saw me without it. I'm so sodding proud of myself for being able to overcome that, as trivial as it may sound. My 'acne experience' has also allowed me to take time out to relax and clear my mind, which was also a hard thing to do being a serial multi-tasker, but meditation is making me become more grounded over time.

My focus this year is bigger and much less appearance based.

This year feels like it's going to be really big and successful one, and I'm really excited to focus on my change in business direction! I'm still available for design work and I still have some lovely clients on my books who I am currently creating design work for. But mostly I'm focusing on illustration, astrology, spirituality, enchantment and the magic that is life. I don't know if it's due to the Christmas and New Year's break but I have so much zest for life right now and I feel like I need to share it and make people's lives better.

Learning new skills

As a lot of you probably know from my Instagram page, I started an online lettering course as of yesterday. I have a lot more in store for you guys, nothing I can talk about right now, but I am very excited about all I plan to offer!

Remember through the excitement to include balance

I know my work ethic, drive and focus, and I know I'll achieve whatever I set my mind to. I completely believe that this year and my life will work out the way it should. So it's worth remembering I need to take as much time out to take care of myself as I do for fitness and to keep friendships and relationships full of love and life. This is ok because whatever amount of self care I can give myself will allow me to become more focused, and able to work smarter on my business projects when I can.

I also know it's ok to mess up on a few of the more day-to-day tasks, I am only human. Maybe my home will get messy for longer than desired, maybe I'll get less organised prepping my dinners and snacks for work. I'll possibly even put off my meditation practice for a few days, which will turn into a week or a few weeks, but I'll get back to it and it will feel like nothing ever changed.

You can start and restart whenever you choose

The resolutions or goals that slip to the back of our minds aren't the end of the world and it's always ok to start again. You don't have to start something new on the 1st of January, it doesn't have to be started on a Monday either. You can start something at any time of the day, any day of the week, whichever month you choose, even right now. Take steps to start right now, you can become that person.

Make it easy, Rome wasn't built in a day

I've learnt not to create any sharp, time sensitive deadlines for myself to get a project finished because that's not the way I work. I have to research what I want to do, prep it, then when I get to start it I'm so revved up with excitement that I enjoy it even more. It stops becoming something I need to get ticked off, but part of my lifestyle, and what becomes your lifestyle is what sticks.

Remember to not go for a complete lifestyle change either. Change things slowly. Add to your life bit-by-bit and subtract the bits you don't enjoy. The latter is actually my favourite. Tidy mind, tidy life.

Life is a journey, and one to be enjoyed.

It's guaranteed that when you add the dreams you have to your active lifestyle, they come true. You can call yourself that successful business person, a healthy eater, foodie, a fitness enthusiast or why not just call yourself an athlete. The word feels good and you'll instantly feel more energized from it. Your mind feeds on what you keep telling it so get ready for a life filled with so much more love and energy.

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