How to get that euphoric self love vibe when you're feeling low

January 17, 2020
Tread carefully but with intention

We've all been in low places. Some days you might feel like you'll be stuck there forever, but just know that you won't. It's taken an age for me to come to grips with the beauty that is self love. Lots of playlists, podcasts, bath bombs, journals, both amazing and supportive people, but it's mostly down to my own drive and perseverance to do whatever it takes to keep me rising up there.

First and foremost, keep the faith

There have been a few memorable times that I have been in a situation with absolutely no logical way that it could work out well, no matter how you looked at it, and yet it did?!

I'm not a betting person, because I hate losing and have worked hard for everything I've got in life. However, I could have easily put everything I had on certain situations going a particular way, yet life pulled the rug from under my feet.

Do I feel confused? Yes. Have I learned to accept the unexpected? A resounding YES!

Now I've learned to go with the flow a bit more

If I'm told a situation I think I've got down is actually the complete opposite of what I think it is, (by trusted sources that have been known to do this only,) I completely surrender. I know I can't make sense of it, I know I definitely can't explain it, and even if I feel fear from it (ego) I just have to believe that everything is as it should be.

When I say fear I don't mean do something dangerous, I mean going against what I think I know and getting closer towards the truth of a situation.

I'll learn a new lesson and I will grow. There's a grand plan for my life and it's going to turn me into the woman I was put here to become, no matter what I need to go through during the process.

So, with that said, here are my tried and tested tricks for a little bit of self love and surrender that have helped me along the way.

1, Meditate

Get into a daily meditation practice. The more I do this the more I realise just how beneficial it is. Sometimes if I feel like I need some extra help I will meditate with my crystals. Relax your body and quiet your mind. You may even get to meet one of your spirit guides.

2, Journal

Get relaxed, pour your favourite tea in your favourite mug, light your candles or put your favourite oil in your diffuser, and start journalling. Something I sometimes do when I'm struggling with something is write the problem using a black pen, then underneath it I'll write an answer as though I'm helping a loved one out in pink pen. Sometimes I might shake it up furthermore and will throw a question in, like I'm playing devils advocate with myself using a purple pen. I am such a rebel! LMAO

3, Run a bath

Choose your favourite bath bomb, epsom salts, bubble bath and run yourself a bath with the intention that that particular water will rejuevenate you in mind. It's guaranteed that you will feel more relaxed when you come out, even if you have to rinse glitter out of the tub when you are done. Clean the bath and rinse the negativity and stress away.

4, Treat yourself

Buy yourself your favourite coffee from your local coffee shop, or an expensive steak or some prawns for your dinner. Make a dish you haven't made in a while, maybe it takes a little more effort but you love eating it. Make extra so you have some to freeze and some for lunch the next day. Fuel your body with the good nutritious food that you deserve.

5, Get out in nature

Get outside, feel the grass under your feet, go for a walk in a local country park or along the sea front. Even if it's raining, put your wellies on, a warm and dry jacket and embrace this season. Look at the effect the rain has when it dances on the puddles and the relaxing sounds it makes. If it's sunny, my favourite, sit near a tree and feel the rays of the sun and the cool breeze hitting your face.

6, Daily affirmations

Either find a jar and fill it full of affirmations, things you are grateful for or quotes that inspire you. You can shake it the jar and choose one piece of paper to unravel and read. Or, find a daily list you can subscribe to. My favourite daily emails at the moment are from Moon Omens. Actually after running a search for that URL, this article came up at the top 'The Power of Affirmations'. Why not give it a read?

7, Music

Put your favourite music on, turn it up loud, and get into the flow. Dance, enjoy yourself, have fun!

8, Be grateful

Make a list of all the things that you are grateful for and all of the wonderful things that make you, you. If you struggle with this ask a close friend or family member to help.

9, Talk to someone

Call an old friend or family member you haven't spoken to in a while and ask for a chat. Maybe even arrange to meet up at the weekend for brunch.

10, Read

Read that book you keep meaning to read, or those interesting articles you keep flagged in your inbox.

11, Start something new

Start a hobby, try that thing you've been interested in but have never started. If it's an event put the wheels in motion, sign up and arrange that start date. New things can be scary to start at first, but once you get that first step out of the way it gets easier to keep coming back. Plus you can make new friends with similar interests along the way.

12, Be creative

Do something you've always loved but never seem to have time for anymore. For me this used to be drawing. You'd be amazed how these hobbies grow once you give a bit of time to them. Drawing, illustration, watercolours, oil paints, colouring in, even those adults colouring books can be fun and relaxing. Start challenge, I recently took part in Inktober, see what lights you up.

13, Start a blog

Start writing about that thing that lights you up. There's no doubt that if it interests you there will be a lot of other people who will want to know more about it too. If you get brave publish your posts to your social media accounts. Ignore any hate you may get from jealous people and those trying to bring you down. You may even become good friends with unexpected people. It'll be worth the sneaky publish, get brave and boost yourself up, you deserve it!

14, Create/update your vision board

If you're unhappy with the way your life is now, rewrite it, design a life you would love to be in. Remember happiness is found in the journey, not the destination, but there's no harm in finding out what truly lights you up.

15, Listen to a podcast

Find a podcast on a topic you really crave. Whether you are interested in fitness, self care, lifestyle, creativity, career based topics, gardening...the options are endless...the world is your oyster. You will learn so much and will even find the introduction music uplifting.

Hopefully these ideas will help you with the battles you face and remember, sometimes all it takes is a mug of something wonderful and a conversation to turn a situation on it's head.

Add your self love tips in the comments below.

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