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February 7, 2020
In a world that sometimes tries to throw you off kilter..

Balance isn't one-size-fits all, it looks different to everyone because we each have our own loves, wants and passions that we want to fill our time with.

It's a bit of give and take with a big dash of take care of yourself

Imagine you realize the cleaning and chores you always have to do are actually never ending, time is always ticking...but, you accept this. You know that's just the way it is and so you make time for yourself. You carve out chunks of time whenever you feel like you need to, to work on the hobbies that fill your cup, rather than rarely finding time for them.

You remember that feeling of taking part in the hobbies that make your eyes light up and your heart soar? The same feeling you used to get from playing and having fun as a child. Why does being an adult mean we stop doing this? We have more responsibilities, we can't rely on others to be our sole guardian, school has turned to work, we have bills to pay..yada yada..but what is life if we're only doing what we think we have to do?

Create that utter weightless feeling of living

Think about that feeling you get when you go on holiday. Let's say you've gone all inclusive or you have too much spending money so money isn't a stress factor. The weather is perfect, the people are kind and caring, you never have to queue for food or the bar. You get to explore where you want to go, when you want to go. Everything is working out. What a feeling! So why is it things change when we arrive home?

Yes the weather may not be as good, we have to make our own meals and finally the washing and cleaning catches up with us. But how do we get to a point where that takes over the fun we should be experiencing from our every day lives?

Meditation is a route back to the soul

Although I sometimes fall out of the routine, meditation is always a route that can lead back to that feeling. It's something that centers you and shows you what really matters. When something sad or stressful happens in life we look back and wonder what we could have done differently? If we took too much for granted?

"The only thing that's certain in life, is that time will pass"

The only thing that's certain in life, is that time will pass. Looking back, have you lived your life the way you wanted to? Have you really made the most of the things and the people whom matter to you? Does the situation your struggling with now really really matter? Or if the worst happens will you be recovering and living the best way you can? More often than not we allow our brains to overthink and dramatize situations, and that energy could better serve us elsewhere.

Life stresses happen, feel them and accept them

I'm currently trying to sell my apartment with a part offer accepted on a house. The house is on with a very pushy estate agents who are ringing me every day to try to put pressure on me to sell my flat with them. They're trying to instill a fear in me that my estate agents aren't pulling their weight and the house will be sold to someone else unless my place goes fast. It's a slow market for apartments at the moment, mine is actually on with two estate agents and I'm doing all I can to get it moved along.

This is one of the main stressful things in life that most people face at one time or another. Sometimes having the acceptance that what you are going through is normal, and that it's supposed to be anxiety inducing and stressful, is all you need.

All of a sudden this is just something in life that you are currently going through. There is no attachment there. Situations will always work out the way they should because life always does. I've loved living in my apartment for the almost 4 years I've been there so I'm not about to hate on it now. The right buyer will come along at the right time, and, if I'm supposed to have the house I have put an offer on, it will wait for me. Or else a better one will come on the market, just for me, at the right time.

Allow yourself to relax and enjoy life

Once you've accepted the feeling of stress and that know it's ok to feel anxious, things will get better. Notice I said you 'accepted the feeling' rather than said 'you are', negative labels don't feel good and they have the tendency to stick around for a lot longer than they should.

Look after yourself, be selfish with your time, do the things that fill you up and make you happy. Then, you can bring your full self to life, your experiences and the people around you.

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