What is a wax melt? How do I use one? And what's all the fuss about?

September 12, 2020
A stack of our wax melt clam shells

What is a wax melt?

A wax melt is simply a block of wax. It's different to a candle because it doesn't need a wick or a pretty container to be used. However, it does need a wax melt burner.

Wax melt burners can be electric or they can come with a little area underneath for a tealight to go in. The choice is yours what you go for, however more fragrance is released with a tealight burner, as it will get hotter due to the flame.

What's the difference between a wax melt and a candle?

Although some candles are becoming more creative, they aren't for everyone, and that's the beauty of wax melts. They come in all shapes, sizes and fragrances and you can use as little or as much as you need to. Wax melts also throw out a stronger fragrance than candles, because the flame doesn't directly touch the wax, it doesn't burn the fragrance whilst lit.

So how do I use a wax melt?

To use a wax melt, simply turn on your wax melt burner, or light a tealight underneath.

Then pop a piece of wax on top. I like to try a little amount first and then add to it if I want the fragrance stronger. Remember you can add to your wax but you can't take it away.

After a few days the fragrance will start to fade, if you like changing up your fragrances a lot, wax melts could be for you.

Once you are ready to change your wax, allow the burner to melt it fully before you turn it off/blow out the tealight. Then pop in a cotton pad to soak up most of the wax, repeat as necessary. Once this is done I usually like to give my burner a wipe with some fairy liquid and water on a cloth. Make sure your cloth isn't dripping.

What if I just want to change the wax and not get rid of it?

When the wax is set and cool, allow the burner to heat it for 10-15 seconds, then you should be able to slide it off of the melter. Place it into a piece of kitchen towel.

Disclaimer: Do not leave a candle unattended, near pets, children or draughts. Remember wax gets hot, do not touch melted wax and be very careful when dealing with a naked flame. Any advice or thoughts here are my own, and you need to decide what's right for you before you take action.

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