Gift Giving - Customised Candles

March 5, 2022

Sometimes I find it so hard to find a gift for a friend or a loved one.

Not because they're hard to buy for, but more because I want to find something that's perfect for them.

Something that represents our friendship/relationship or just how well we know each other.

Sometimes buying something online is easy. We have our pick of the whole of the internet and we can have it delivered from whichever country we choose.

But that doesn't mean we'll find something perfect.

That's when customisation comes in.

Candles can be very personal. Scent evokes memories and feelings, and the flicker of a flame has the ability to change the whole ambiance of a room.

A jar that fits in with the decor, soy wax dyed to match, a fragrance that captures the essence of everything they'd love in a gift, with a gorgeous wax shape or gold leaf to top.

Follow this with a sweet message printed on the candle label and you have something completely bespoke.

Something that shows you've put a lot of thought and love into, and something they can treasure.

You can start customising your candle here

Customised candles also make the perfect addictions to your home decor.

What's more, I also offer candle refills, so you'll never have to worry about not lighting it to make it last longer.

Do you try to save your candles? Or do you enjoy lighting them?

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