Libra Full Moon Ritual

April 13, 2022

Libra Full Moon Ritual

On Saturday 16th there is a Full Moon in Libra, so if you want to regain balance and harmony in your life why not try my Full Moon Ritual?

I am super excited about this because Libra is my birth month, and Libra being all about balance, we know we're in for everything being right in the world again.

Yesterday Jupiter and Neptune were in conjunction in Pisces, this being a water sign has heightened our emotions and increased our sensitivity.

A full moon also makes us feel this way, so we are getting a bit of a double whammy with the emotions.

Jupiter and Neptune coming together is giving us a collective spiritual awakening. The veil is thinning and we can raise our vibration and access higher realms.

If you've been feeling tension in certain areas of your life, it's a sign that something has to be released for balance to follow.

Why not try my 'Full Moon Ritual' to release unwanted energies, cut cords and make space for the new

To do this full moon ritual, you will need:

  • Smudge Stick/Candle/Wax Melt to cleanse your energy and home,
  • A candle - I recommend my 'Full Moon' candle for this ritual,
  • Crystal of your choice,
  • Journal and pen,
  • Relaxing playlist - Spotify has some great full moon meditation playlists.

Light your Full Moon Candle to begin, then light your cleansing tool of choice and feel its energy around you.

Recite the following:

'With the energy of the full moon I release everything that no longer serves me and am grateful for myself, who I've become, and everything I have in my life'.

'I am cleansing my home, it is a sanctuary for love and abundance. Only positive energies are welcome here.

Find a comfortable spot to sit, close your eyes and begin a meditation. Allow everything you've been holding onto to be released.

Feel abundance and love flowing your way, giving balance to everything in your life.

I usually meditate for 5 minutes, unless I feel called to meditate for longer.

Then, get your journal out and begin writing what comes to you.

If you need some prompts think about what you need to release, what you need more of, or even how you can bring more of the relaxed sensation you're felling now into your life.

Did you try this Full Moon Ritual? Let me know how you got on in the comments below.

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