Why Ritual Spell Candles?

February 9, 2023

My ritual candles came from the self love evenings I'd set aside for myself whilst suffering with anxiety and depression.

I began to get back into meditation, moon rituals, crystals, astrology..a lot of which I'd loved growing up but lost somewhere along the way.

The candle was the main ingredient in every ritual, and it held the power where the enchantment would begin.

I chose a candle embodying a scent, that made me feel the way I really wanted to feel.

Your senses play a massive part in who you are, how you feel and the energy you give out. I needed something that would instantly break me out of my funk and wake me up to how good I could feel.

I'd get everything together for whichever ritual spell I chose to perform.

Whilst lighting the candle, I'd call upon my guardian angels and spirit guides to be with me, and I'd state my intention for my ritual spell.

If I needed to sort my head out I'd journal.

If I needed to relax I'd put lots of gorgeous things in a bath and play some meditation music.

If I needed a release I'd play some music that really lit me up and I'd dance to it or do some stretches.

If I wanted to take action I'd have some music playing softly in the background and I'd make progress with my website or I'd apply for more jobs.

Some nights I'd need to do nothing so I relaxed with a glass of wine and enjoyed a film.

Other nights I'd need to feel that creative spark so I'd start drawing whatever came to mind or painting past illustrations.

I have a range of ritual spell candles to choose from, (and snap bar versions,) like this Love Ritual Spell Candle here.

But, because all of my candles are handmade, I can make something bespoke just for you, your situation and your ritual.

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