New Moon in Leo

August 16, 2023

A new moon is the perfect time to start afresh, as it signifies endings and new beginnings.

This is the perfect time to set new intentions and focus on the dreams you want to manifest. So, I'd recommend creating a ritual alongside my Intention Setting Ritual Candle, or my Prosperity Ritual Candle. Depending on what you're hoping to bring to fruition.

My Intention Setting Ritual Candle can be used broadly to manifest dreams such as: a new job, car, house, your dream holiday..

Where as my Prosperity Ritual Candle focuses on bringing in prosperity and abundance, for instance, more money, better health or material items.

I find creating monthly rituals works the best for me as it keeps me accountable and focused on my goals. Small steps towards bigger goals work better for this type of intention setting as you find yourself making progress month by month. Before you know it you're living in gratitude and that lofty dream has been fulfilled.

That Leo New Moon Energy

Sometimes the new moon energy highlights what we're not getting and what we need more of. So don't be afraid to be a little bit selfish with your wants and needs for a change, and put yourself first.

My Love Ritual Candle can help with this. The work always starts with what's going on, on the inside, before it shows up on the outside. So let's make sure we're in the right headspace to call in everything we need.

Leo is a stubborn star sign. So don't expect the inner work to be easy, but know it's going to be really worth it when you do.

Don't be afraid to be vulnerable because that builds courage, strength, and shows authenticity. Nobody is you, and you are here to shine your light so wear it bravely.

You may feel more insecure than usual so tell people what you need if your needs aren't being met. Ask yourself if you've been doing all you can to feel fulfilled.

Let's Do A Ritual

The Leo new moon energy will still be strong 3 days after it's at it's peak, so don't worry if your ritual is delayed.

What you will need:

  • Ritual Candle of your choice.
  • A smudging tool of your choice, such as a sage smudge stick, incense or a crystal.
  • Crystal you feel drawn to, to meditate with (this can be the one on top of the ritual candle).
  • Journal and pen of your choice (my Manifestation Journal will work great for this and it also comes with an Amethyst pen).

The Leo New Moon Ritual

  • Gather everything you need into one space and open a window. The purpose of the window being open, is to allow a route for all demons and negativity to leave as you are cleansing your aura and home.
  • Pick up your smudging tool. If it's sage or incense, be sure to light it. Then say: 'I call upon my spirit guides and guardian angels, to be with me as I perform my Leo new moon ritual. Please help to guide me closer to what I want and need from life.'
  • Say 'I cleanse my aura' whilst waving the smudging tool around your body. Then visit each room of your home with your smudging tool whilst saying 'I cleanse my *name of room*'
  • Then, if your smudging tool hasn't already been extinguished, put it out. Then shut the window that you opened.
  • Go back to your Leo new moon ritual space. Take any large crystals or botanicals out of your ritual candle and recite the spell. Pop the spell to the side of your ritual space, then light the candle. Make sure the candle is placed somewhere free from children, pets, draughts and anywhere it can be accidentally knocked over.
  • Sit tall, take a deep breath, let your jaw and shoulders relax, and close your eyes as you meditate into feeling like the person you want to be. How does she feel when she has everything she desires? Once all of her dreams have come true. Meditation can last from 5 minutes or as long as you need so you feel you have got the best from it.
  • Once the meditation is complete, open your eyes and grab your journal and pen.
  • Write down everything you are feeling in that moment. The things that are working for you, the things that aren't, and the things you wish to improve. Start writing about your life and how you feel, as if all of your dreams have already come true. What has it taken to achieve those dreams?
  • Once you feel you have written everything you need in your journal, close it and say 'Thank you spirit guides and guardian angels for being with me as I have completed my Leo new moon ritual. You are free to go'.
  • Whilst the candle is still reaching it's full melt pool, leave it burning as you do something for yourself and allow the ritual to bed in.


Don't forget, the ritual competition is still ongoing whilst Enchanted Wax is in Vogue.

Tag me in all of your photos of your rituals, even the set ups, on Instagram, to be in with a chance of winning a Ritual Self Care Collection Candle of your choice.

Thanks For Reading!

If you have enjoyed reading about the Leo New Moon, and especially if you've taken part in my Leo New Moon Ritual, I'd love to hear about it! Please leave a comment below.

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