About Me

Hello, lovely to meet you..

My name is Hayley and I am the founder of Enchanted Wax.

I'm a very creative wax melt and candle maker who believes the ordinary can become the extraordinary with just a sprinkle of magic, or sparkle in this case.

I relax with my wax melt and candle collection, obviously. I love a bath bomb, my crystals, a relaxing meditation, my music, drawing and the moon. Life becomes a little more amazing when you work with the power of the moon, planets and astrology to reach your goals.

I created Enchanted Wax because I think it's hard to take a step back sometimes, to give ourselves some 'me time'. We live in a very busy world and it can be too easy to get caught up in everything going on around us. We don't always have time amongst our busy family/work/life/social/cleaning schedules to see ourselves as the amazing people we are, or to double check and realign with our goals.

I believe it's time to put ourselves first, enough keeping up with the world and what we are told we want or need to be. It's time to be grateful to ourselves and bask in the lives we've worked so hard to create. To appreciate who we have become and to know we've done everything we could in every situation given to us.

The idea that a welcome break to receive all of this good stuff can be ignited with just a flick of a match or a push of button, fills me with so much happiness.

I hope you enjoy using my products as much as I enjoy creating them.

Keep an eye on Instagram and Facebook to see the latest products. Some products go fast, so get your orders in quickly!



Enchanted Wax
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Louise Rae
Louise Rae
I have ordered lots of wax bars, pots and burners from Enchanted Wax over the past few months & I am always impressed... by not only the amazing smelling (& looking) products but also Hayley's amazing customer service & the love & care she puts into all of her products 💖 Thank you xoread more
Sandra Devine
Sandra Devine
I have recently purchased a snap bar from enchanted wax uk. I snapped off one piece to use in my wax melter and... watched the glitter beautifully merge with the melted wax. It didn’t take long before the room was filled with a relaxing spa quality fragrance. A little touch of luxury at home. Give this a try. You won’t be disappointed.read more
Yvonne Murnane
Yvonne Murnane
Wow! Recently I've tried blueberry and vanilla bar from one of Hayleys collection, its fragrance is so devine and you... only need a small amount to burn as she has been very generous with her scent,only 1/2 a cube at one time is needed .My whole down stairs is filled with this amazing summer fragrance.Well worth the money.I have always bought melted waxes from different shops,and I can honestly say these are the best I've had.read more