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Because we're never lost, only disconnected from who we truly are

Ritual Candles

My ritual candles came from the self love evenings I'd set aside for myself whilst suffering with anxiety and depression.

I began to get back into meditation, moon rituals, crystals, astrology..a lot of which I'd loved growing up but lost somewhere along the way.

The candle was the main ingredient in every ritual, and it held the power where the enchantment would begin.

I chose a candle embodying a scent, that made me feel the way I really wanted to feel.

Your senses play a massive part in who you are, how you feel and the energy you give out. I needed something that would instantly break me out of my funk and wake me up to how good I could feel.

I'd get everything together for whichever ritual I chose to perform.

Whilst lighting the candle, I'd call upon my guardian angels and spirit guides to be with me, and I'd state my intention for my ritual.

If I needed to sort my head out I'd journal.

If I needed to relax I'd put lots of gorgeous things in a bath and play some meditation music.

If I needed a release I'd play some music that really lit me up and I'd dance to it or do some stretches.

If I wanted to take action I'd have some music playing softly in the background and I'd make progress with my website or I'd apply for more jobs.

Some nights I'd need to do nothing so I relaxed with a glass of wine and enjoyed a film.

Other nights I'd need to feel that creative spark so I'd start drawing whatever came to mind or painting past illustrations.

I have a range of ritual candles to choose from, like this Love Ritual Spell Candle here.

But, because all of my candles are handmade, I can make something bespoke just for you, your situation and your ritual.

Love Ritual Soy Wax Spell Candle. With Wooden Wick, Rose Petals and Rose Quartz Crystals

The Story Behind Enchanted Wax

Photo of Hayley Murnane, Founder of Enchanted Wax

Hi, I'm Hayley!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Enchanted Wax!

Here's little about me that shows the turning point in my life, when I actually allowed myself to start living the way I deserved.

Not just hustle, hustle, hustle, 'I should be doing this monotonous thing' rather than doing the fun things that really light me up!

Without focus, I have been known to be the Queen of procrastinators, when it comes to getting what I want from life 👑

I never took time out for myself and believed self care was a bath bomb or painting my nails. I believed I had skills to learn and a career to forge.

Everything changed when the job I loved and worked so hard at went stale. It became an awful place to be and I began to feel so anxious and depressed being there. I couldn't leave fast enough, and that little feeling of wanting a business that was all my own grew.

I had little side businesses over the years, but I hadn't then spent enough time feeling with my heart, rather than thinking with my head about what I wanted to share with the world.

Time spent showing myself the love and care I deserved made me realise I wasn't living up to my soul's purpose.

I loved being creative, I loved helping people, listening to their problems, giving advice, making them feel better and inspired to do what they really want to do.

I love the feeling when life flows freely, you're doing what you enjoy and you don't have to force it.

The transition of finding myself and changing jobs whilst I felt so lost was hard, but it was worth it.

I gifted myself with 2 or 3 evenings a week that I would do something I enjoyed, that recharged my batteries and really lit me up.

I wanted to make an event of it so I cooked myself nutritious meals, played music that sang to my soul and bought myself some candles.

My self love ritual would start as soon as I lit my candle - and I wouldn't let myself down.

Sometimes procrastination comes easy when you have a goal in sight but don't quite know how to get there.

We get so caught up in societies timeline of how we should be living, what we should be doing, that it's easy to forget what we really want.

But taking some time out to just stop and think. Putting one foot in front of the other, in the right direction, is often all it takes.

If you'd like to know more, message me or take a look at my ritual candles.

Because all of my candles are handmade, I can make something bespoke just for you, your situation and your ritual.

Hand Made & Planet Friendly

All of my products are hand created by myself, not off a production line.

This is a one woman business so I can tell you exactly what is in each product and I'd love to know your feedback so I can keep creating the products you'll love.

I love our planet so I only use soy wax, from a plant, which doesn't release smoke, soot or any nasties into the air. Unlike other brands which use parrafin which comes from crude oil barrels.

I also only use cotton or wooden wicks and biodegradable glitters.

I use premium oils which have been handpicked for their health and spiritual benefits. I've also made sure they are safe to use in a home with pets.

When it comes to my packaging, I use packing peanuts which dissolve in water, tissue paper, cardboard boxes to post orders, strong paper tape and all of my clamshells are PET. As I say, I LOVE our planet.

If you know someone who could do with a little extra enchantment in their life, please share my products with them.