It's never too late to unleash your potential

Discover your power

I heard the quote "if things aren't adding up, start subtracting". It's honestly so true, because the moment I got rid of the biggest block of my life all of my dreams started coming true around me. Love started flowing and I always felt so inspired. It was like a damn had been broken inside me, life felt, and still feels so euphoric!

Sometimes you just need that nudge to know it's ok to unleash all of that inspiration that is bubbling up inside of you. The encouragement to start that thing you've always wanted to do and to keep doing it because you do it well.

You've possibly thought about starting something for months, maybe even years, and it could be the greatest gift to all of those around you, if, you allow yourself to unleash your greatness.

We're told we should concentrate on one thing and one thing only, or we'll be a 'Jack of all trades, master of none'. But that's not fully true, it doesn't mean we should limit ourselves to doing only one thing we love or we'll start getting resentful because we're not living our purpose.

Don't keep yourself in a box.

When you unleash, unleash it all.

I'm going to be writing a book around this illustration so please stay tuned. I'll share excerpts as I go and would love to hear your feedback as I enjoy this new chapter (ah ha) in my journey.