Apple Cinnamon Snap Bars


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Apple Cinnamon

A memorable blend of spicy cinnamon and clove, apple and vanilla. Perfect for those warm and cozy evenings. Sold out within a few weeks on first release. Contains CINNAMONITRILE, COUMARIN, EUGENOL, METHYL CINNAMATE. May produce an allergic reaction.


Simply break a segment of wax off of this snap bar, pop it on a wax melt burner, (turn the burner on if it’s electric, or light a tealight underneath if it isn’t,) then allow the gorgeous fragrance to fill your home, creating a relaxed ambiance for hours of enjoyment.

Each snap bar will release over 40hrs of fragrance (+ even more if you are using an electric burner).


– Natural Soy Wax

– Biodegradable Glitter

– Premium Fragrance Oil

– Hand Poured in the UK

– Net Weight 50g

– Approximately 40+ hours burn time


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