Black Matte Soy Candle - Scent & Personalised Message Label of Your Choice


Be bold with this black matte soy candle infused with any fragrance of your choice.


When buying a gift for a loved one or best friend, we want to get them the perfect gift.

We know exactly what they'd love but it's sometimes hard to find exactly what that is.

Candles make amazing gifts and when you have the ability to customise them, they become the perfect gift.

Find the jar that matches their decor, choose which colour to dye the wax, pick a fragrance you know they'll fall in love with, then decide whether to add a beautiful wax shape or gold leaf for the cherry on top.

You can even choose a message to be included on the candle label for ultimate customisation. Let me know in the notes section when you pay for your order.

This will make the perfect gift for a friend, family member, or just to match your home decor.

Read about why customised candles can be the best gifts in my blog post Gift Giving - Customised Candles


- Natural Soy Wax

- Premium Fragrance Oil

- Double wooden wick which crackles when lit

- Hand Poured in the UK

- Net Weight 200ml

- Approximately 45 hours burn time


Candle Care

Place your candle on a fire resistant surface, away from children, pets or draughts.

Remove crystal and allow the candle to burn until there is a full melt pool that reaches the edges of the candle jar. This will stop the candle from tunnelling as the first burn is the most important burn.

Once lit, they will give off a crackling sound for that soothing ambiance.

Snuff out the flame after 4 hours and wait at least 1 hour before relighting.

Because these candles have a double wooden wick, there is no need to trim them between burns.

Reuse this gorgeous matte black jar for anything from tealights, hair brushes, pens & pencils, make up brushes, toothbrushes to plants and more.




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