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Love to try one of our products but unsure which scent to go for?

Candles and wax melts can feel like a bit of an investment, especially if you're trying something you wouldn't usually go for, so why not try an elixir wax sample.

I'll happily break off a segment and pop it in the post, just let me know which fragrance/s you fancy.

If you have a wax melt burner each snap bar segment will release over 8hrs of fragrance (+ even more if you are using an electric burner).

If you have love for candles and don't have a wax warmer, leave your scent sample on a dish somewhere warm, or on the window seal, and the heat or sun will naturally warm the wax to reveal it's gorgeous fragrance.


– Natural Soy Wax

– Biodegradable Glitter

– Premium Fragrance Oil

– Hand Poured in the UK

– Net Weight 10g

– Approximately 8+ hours burn time


Sometimes I might surprise you with shapes like stars, hearts or paws. But whichever shape of wax you get, it will be the perfect amount to trial a fragrance!

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Enchanted Wax Ltd

Enchanted Wax empowers women to relax, unwind, set intentions and manifest their best selves using my handmade soy candle and wax melt rituals.

Each of our products can be used like a spell, so once lit ‘your time’ begins. Choose a product for love, empowerment, a fresh start, cutting off cords, relaxation, abundance or to simply manifest your dreams and your future self.

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