Empowering Vision Board Ritual


Empowering vision board rituals are fantastic tools to help us focus our minds on what we truly want from life and to become  the people we were born to be.

If you have created a vision board in the past but nothing has come to fruition, or if you're not quite sure on how to make a vision board, my 'Ritual to Create an Empowering Vision Board' can teach you.

This ritual is made for both beginners and for people who have made vision boards in the past but struggled manifesting what's on them. It is best used around the New Moon, when energies to start new projects and sew new seeds are at their most powerful.

If done correctly you could create a brand new vision board every month, bringing you closer and closer to the person you were born to be.

You can manifest love, friendship, abundance, a new job, a new home and more.

I love making vision boards and have found them to really focus my mind on what I want from life. I have manifested everything I've put on them so far and I cannot wait to hear what you manifest!

I'd recommend using the 'Crown Yourself' candle or 'Empowered' wax melt alongside this ritual for maximum power.


NOTE: These rituals are downloadable, you will not receive a hard copy in the post.

If you have already purchased a Ritual Box, you probably already have one, so please make a note of which one it is incase you buy a duplicate.

Downloads are non-refundable.

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