'Meditation Ritual' Botanical & Crystal Infused Essential Oils Candle


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Life can be busy, ensure you take time for you, switch that busy mind off and centre yourself with my 'Meditation Ritual' crystal & botanical spell candle.

A secret blend of Basil, Lavender & Bergamot essential oils will instantly relax you and put you into that calm meditative state.

Connect to your higher self and only entertain the things that really matter in life.


Infused with Amethyst crystals, it promotes a calm, balanced and peaceful ambiance. The Moonstone crystals allow you to connect to your higher self, inspiring intuition and psychic abilities.

This candle contains dried chamomile buds.

You will find a spell suited to this ritual to recite before lighting the candle.


Please note: If burning this candle remove crystals and botanicals before you light the wick.


Once lit the wooden wick will release a peaceful crackling sound. Allow it to completely reframe your thoughts, as you focus on peace, healing and meditation.


Scent: Basil, Lavender & Bergamot Essential Oils


- Natural Soy Wax

- Essential Oils

- Hand Poured in the UK

- Double Wooden Crackling Wick

- Net Weight 200ml

- Approximately 45 hours burn time

Enchanted Wax Ltd

Enchanted Wax empowers women to relax, unwind, set intentions and manifest their best selves using my handmade soy candle and wax melt rituals.

Each of our products can be used like a spell, so once lit ‘your time’ begins. Choose a product for love, empowerment, a fresh start, cutting off cords, relaxation, abundance or to simply manifest your dreams and your future self.

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